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Replacement MacBook Air Batteries at Nehru Place Store

Is your once-reliable MacBook Air struggling to hold a charge? Do you find yourself constantly tethered to a power outlet? Don't replace your entire device! Nehru Place Store offers high-quality MacBook Air battery replacements, restoring your laptop's mobility and keeping you productive throughout the day.


Why Choose Nehru Place Store for Your MacBook Air Battery Replacement?

We understand the importance of a long-lasting battery for your MacBook Air. Our replacement batteries and expert service ensure you get back to using your laptop to its full potential. Here's what makes us the perfect choice:

  • Top-Quality Batteries: We offer two options to meet your needs and budget:
    • Genuine Apple Batteries: Experience the same optimal performance and lifespan you expect from Apple.
    • Premium Replacement Batteries: Our rigorously tested, high-quality replacements provide excellent power longevity at a competitive price.
  • Expert Technicians: Our certified technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose your battery issue accurately and perform the replacement efficiently.
  • Fast Turnaround: In most cases, we can replace your MacBook Air battery within the same day, minimizing downtime and keeping you productive.
  • Competitive Prices: We offer transparent and competitive pricing for both genuine Apple and high-quality replacement batteries.
  • Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our warranty on all battery replacements, guaranteeing the quality of our work and protecting your investment.

Signs You Need a MacBook Air Battery Replacement:

Several signs indicate a failing MacBook Air battery. If you experience any of the following, it might be time for a replacement:

  • Significantly reduced battery life compared to when you first purchased your MacBook Air.
  • Frequent unexpected shutdowns, even when the battery indicator shows charge remaining.
  • The battery takes much longer than usual to charge fully.
  • The battery bulges or becomes misshapen, which is a safety concern.

Find the Perfect Replacement Battery for Your MacBook Air:

With various MacBook Air models released over the years, finding the exact replacement battery can be confusing. Use the filter options below to find the specific battery compatible with your model:

  • Select Your MacBook Air Model (Year and Screen Size)

Don't see your model listed? Contact Nehru Place Store, and we'll be happy to assist you in finding the right battery replacement for your MacBook Air.

Invest in Long-Lasting Power for Your MacBook Air!

Don't let a weak battery limit your productivity. Breathe new life into your MacBook Air with a high-quality replacement battery and expert service from Nehru Place Store:

  • Visit our store: Nehru Place Store, Delhi.
  • Contact us: Call us at 9958360093

Don't wait! Invest in a new lease on life for your MacBook Air's battery. Choose Nehru Place Store for a trusted and efficient battery replacement service!

Latest MacBook Air Battery Price List

MacBook Air Battery Replacement CostLatest Price
✅ MacBook Air A1369 13" Late 2010 Battery₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A1369 13" 2011 Battery₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A1932 13-inch, 2018 Battery₹8,500
✅ MacBook Air A1465 11" 2013 Battery₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A1465 11" 2014 Battery₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A2179 13" 2020 Battery₹8,500
✅ MacBook Air A1466 13" 2015 Battery₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A1466 13" 2017 Battery₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A1466 13" 2013 Battery₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A1466 13" 2014 Battery₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A2681 13" M2 Battery₹12,500
✅ MacBook Air A2941 15" 2023 M2 Battery₹15,500
✅ Macbook Air A2337 M1 13-inch Battery₹8,500
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  1. A1496 Battery for MacBook Air A1466 2017

    MacBook Air 2017 A1466 Battery Price and Technical Details


    Price :

    ₹4500 + 18% GST

    Battery :

    Lithium Polymer

    Compatible for :

    A1496 A1405

    Battery Capacity :


    Screw Driver :

    T5 and P5

    Voltage :


    No. of Cells :


    Item Locatiom :

    Nehru Place, Delhi

    Warranty :

    6 Month

    GST :

    18% Extra

    Part Number:

    7379-A 661-6055 MC503 MC504, A1377 020-7379-A

    Brand :


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