Macbook Air M2 Screen Replacement

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MacBook Air M2 Screen Replacement Cost and Details

Price :₹12000 + 18% GST
Warranty :3 Months
Compatible Model :MacBook Air M2 A2681 EMC 4074
Service Time :4-5 Hours 
Service Location :Nehru Place, New Delhi
Condition :Brand new
Resolution :2560x1600
Screen Type :Retina Display
True Tone :Yes
GST :18% Extra
Brand :MakCity®


  • Retina Display
  • IPS Technology
  • Resolution 2560-by-1664
  • 500 nits brightness
  • True Tone Ready
  • 13.3 inch Open Glass LCD


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Nehru Place Store: MacBook Air M2 Screen Replacement - Breathe New Life into Your Display

Cracked screen got you down? Restore your MacBook Air M2's pristine visuals with Nehru Place Store's expert screen replacement service!

We understand how frustrating a damaged laptop screen can be. Whether you've experienced a drop or a malfunction, our skilled technicians can quickly and efficiently replace your MacBook Air M2 screen, bringing back its vibrant display and seamless functionality.

Why Choose Nehru Place Store for Your MacBook Air M2 Screen Replacement?

  • Expert Technicians: Our team boasts extensive experience handling MacBook repairs, ensuring your M2 screen replacement is performed with precision and care.
  • Genuine or High-Quality Parts: We offer two options:
    • Genuine Apple Parts: Experience the exact level of quality and performance as the original screen with genuine Apple parts.
    • Premium Replacement Screens: Our high-quality replacements meet rigorous standards, providing exceptional display clarity and color accuracy at a competitive price point.
  • Fast Turnaround: In most cases, we can replace your MacBook Air M2 screen within the same day, minimizing downtime for your workflow.
  • Competitive Prices: We offer transparent and competitive pricing for both genuine and high-quality replacement parts.
  • Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our warranty on all screen replacements, guaranteeing your investment is protected.

Common Signs You Need a MacBook Air M2 Screen Replacement:

  • Visible cracks or damage on the screen.
  • Display issues like flickering, lines, or discoloration.
  • Unresponsiveness to touch input (if applicable).
  • Dead pixels or areas with no display.
  • Internal screen damage causing backlight issues (screen remains dark but computer functions).

Get Your MacBook Air M2 Screen Replaced Today!

At Nehru Place Store, we're committed to getting your MacBook Air M2 back to peak performance:

  • Visit our store: Nehru Place Store, Delhi.
  • Contact us: Call us at 9958360093 to schedule an appointment.
  • Get a free quote: Fill out our online form to receive an estimated cost for your specific screen replacement needs.

Don't wait! Restore the visual brilliance of your MacBook Air M2 and enjoy a seamless user experience. Choose Nehru Place Store for a trusted and reliable screen replacement service!

What is the cost to replace the MacBook Air M2 screen?

The average cost of replacing a MacBook Air M2 screen is ₹12000 + 18% GST. This screen replacement comes with a 90-days warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment. Notably, the screen used for the replacement is of top-notch quality, as it adheres to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards, ensuring a high-quality and compatible screen replacement for your MacBook Air M2 A2681.

MacBook Air M2 Model Screen Replacement Price List

MacBook Air M2 Model Display Rplacement Cost

✅ MacBook Air M2 A2681 (13inch, 2022) Screen Price₹12000 OEM 3 Months Warranty
✅ MacBook Air M2 A2681 (13inch, 2022) Screen Price₹19,999 OEM 1 Year Warranty
✅ MacBook Air M2 A2681 (13inch, 2022) Display Assembly Price (Space Grey)₹20000 3-month Warranty
✅ MacBook Air M2 A2681 (13inch, 2022) Display Assembly Price (Dark Grey)₹20000 3-month Warranty


The Air M2 screen prices mentioned above do not include tax (GST) 18%


MacBook Air M2 Screen Replacement Queries

  • MacBook Air M2 screen replacement is the process of removing a damaged or faulty screen from a MacBook Air M2 and installing a new, functional screen in its place.

  • The time required for a screen replacement can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the technician's expertise. Generally, it can take a few hours to complete.

  • Reputable repair centers use high-quality replacement screens that are compatible with MacBook Air M2 specifications. It's essential to ask about the quality of the replacement parts used.

  • The cost can vary depending on the service provider and the type of screen used. It's recommended to obtain quotes from different repair centers to compare prices.

  • Not necessarily. Minor scratches or blemishes can often be addressed with screen polishing or protective films. Consult a technician to determine the best solution.

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