MacBook Air A2941 Keyboard Replacement

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MacBook Air A2941 Keyboard Replacement Price & Service Details

Price₹8500 + 18% GST
Warranty3 Months
Compatible withMacBook Pro A2941 15"  Keyboard
Service Time4-6 Hours
Item LocationNehru Place, New Delhi
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What is Cost of MacBook Air A2941 Keyboard Replacement?

On average, the cost for MacBook Air 15 inch A2941 Keyboard replacement ranges from ₹8500 to ₹30000. It's important to note that this price range includes a 3-month replacement warranty. 


In the evolving landscape of technology, the MacBook Air remains a pinnacle of design and functionality, with the A2941 model standing out for its exceptional performance and sleek aesthetics. However, even the most advanced pieces of technology are not immune to wear and tear, and one of the common issues that users might face is keyboard malfunction. At MakCity, we specialize in providing top-tier MacBook Air A2941 keyboard replacement services, ensuring that your device returns to its optimal state with minimal downtime.

The Importance of a Functional Keyboard

The keyboard is an integral component of your MacBook Air A2941, serving as the primary interface for inputting data, executing commands, and navigating through various applications. A fully functional keyboard is essential for maintaining productivity, whether you're coding, designing, writing, or performing any other task that requires precision and speed. When keys start to stick, fail to register presses, or exhibit any form of inconsistency, it can significantly hinder your ability to work effectively.

Indulge in the excellence of our professional services, establishing us as the preferred destination for MacBook Air keyboard replacements.

Details of MacBook Keyboard Replacement Service

Discover cost-effective and efficient MacBook Keyboard Replacement services at MakCity, catering to a wide range of models. Our process is designed to be on par with Apple's standards, ensuring quality results. We provide detailed quotes and address eligibility inquiries based on your device's model number. Don't let a malfunctioning keyboard hinder your productivity. Trust MakCity to swiftly deliver fast, effective, and affordable solutions.

At MakCity, we prioritize cost-effectiveness when resolving issues with faulty MacBook keyboards. Unlike Apple's approach of replacing the entire top case, we focus solely on replacing the keyboard itself. By addressing the root of the problem without unnecessary expenses, we ensure efficient repairs while keeping costs down for our valued customers.

MacBook Air Keyboard Replacement Price List

MacBook Air Model No.Keyboard Replacement Price
✅ MacBook Air A2941(15-inch, M2 2022) Keyboard Replacement Price₹8,500
✅ MacBook Pro M1 A2338 (13inch, 2020) Keyboard Replacement Price₹8,500
✅ MacBook Pro M2 A2338 (13inch, 2022) Keyboard Replacement Price₹8,500
✅ MacBook Pro A1989 (Retina, 13-inch, 2018) Keyboard Replacement Price₹9,000
✅ MacBook Pro A2289 (Retina, 13-inch, 2020) Keyboard Replacement Price₹9,500
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