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How to Find Your Laptop's Brand and Model


We know that it can be sometimes difficult to find your laptop's model number, or even its brand. If you're not sure what your laptop's model number is, don't try to order the replacement laptopbattery just yet. It's more of a hassle to order the wrong battery than to follow these guidelines to uncovering your laptops information. There are a few locations where you will find this information.

Please note on some laptop models, the number printed near the keyboard or around the screen is usually the series. You will want to find the complete series and model before ordering the battery. An example is HP Pavilion dv series. A dv7 series laptop has three different batteries depending on your model (OEM part numbers compatible to dv7 GA08, MU06, MO06). You will find the correct replacement needed by locating your series “dv7” plus the model, example dv7-1000.

AtBatt Laptop Model

Start with your owner's manual; the manual should have the brand and model number on the front cover. If you don't have your owner's manual, check your laptop. Almost every laptop has a manufacturer's label usually on the bottom of the computer. This label will have a barcode or serial number along with the brand and model number. You may also remove the battery, and printed on the battery will be a replacement part number.

If this sticker has worn off, remove your laptop battery. In the battery compartment, some laptop models will have the model number engraved or printed inside. You can also turn on your laptop, and find the series and model under “System Information;” click on the Start menu > Programs > Accessories > System Tools and click on System Information.

Most laptop batteries from major manufacturers use standardized part numbers and/or model numbers. Here are examples of different part numbers from the major brands:

Laptop BrandSeries NameModel ExamplesBattery Part Number Examples
HPPaviliondm1-1000, dm1-3000, dv6-1000, dv7-2000, dv4-1048tx, dv5t-1000, 14-c000 ChromebookEV06, MU06, GA08, VE06, MU09, PT06, MO06, EV087AA, WD548AA#ABB, 484170-001, 593554-001, 671567-831, HSTNN-UB1G, KS524AA
Envy13-1000, m6-1100, dv4-5200
HDX16-1000, 18-1000
Mini1000, 110-3000, 210-2000, 311-1000
Touchsmarttm2-1000, tm2-2000
Gg4, g6, g7, G50, G6000, G7, G7000
CompaqMini102, 700, 110-100, CQ10-100, CQ10-600, 110c-1030ss, CQ10-166sbHA03, HA06, BX06, 06TY, MU06, EV06, VE06, XQ505AA#ABB, EV088AA, KS524AA, 336962-001, DP390A, 916-2150, HSTNN-LB05
PresarioCQ32, GQ60, GQ430, A900, C700, F500, V3000, CQ20-325tu, CQ71-230sa
EvoN800v, N600, N1050v
Tablet PCTC100, TC4400, TC1100
DellInspiron14z, 17R, M411R, N7110, 1545, 5100, XPS04YRJH, 312-0233, 383CW, X284G, HP297, 451-10655, T114C, U661H, 40007022, 5208U
Vostro1500, 3750, A860, A90, V13
LatitudeD520, E6500, XT2, E4310, PP01L, V700, XT Tablet PC, Z, E6400 XFR
Mini910, 9, 10v, A90n, 1018
PrecisionM70, M90, M6300
Studio14z, 15, 1535, 1737, XPS 1340, XPS 13
XPSM170, M2010, XPS 15, Gen2, L401X
Apple®MacBook®13 Inch, 13 Inch Aluminum UnibodyA1012, A1175, M6392, M8244G/B, 616-0119, MB771*/A, MC-3400
MacBook® ProPro 15 Inch, Pro 15 Inch Aluminum Unibody
PowerBook®G3 12 Inch, G4 15 Inch - Aluminum, 3400, 5300, 1998 Models, Lombard, G3 Pizmo
ToshibaSatellite5200, 4000CDS, A135-S5427, C655D-S5048, L755-15W, Pro M300-004PA3457U-1BRS, PABAS067, PA3635U-1BAM, TS-A200, TS-M305, PA3107
ProtegeM205, M911, M800-701, M800-10A, S100
QosmioF25, G45, X505-Q860, G55-Q801, F50-11J
EquiumA100-306, A100-027, U400-124, P200
LenovoIdeaPadG430, S10-3 0647, S10e, S10e 4187, Y710, Z565121001071, 08K8195, 40Y8317, 42T4522, 92P1183, ASM 42T4541, FRU 42T5233, Battery 55+, FRU 121TM030A, L10P6Y22
ThinkPadR61 - 14.1in Standardscreen, R61 - 14.1in Widescreen, R61 7753, R61i 7732, X201, X301, X220i, X200 Tablet
AcerAspire1413LC, 1621LMi, 2920Z-2A2G16Mi, 5572ZNWXMiAS07B41, BATBL50L6, BL50, 91.48428.051, AK.006BT.019, BT.00603.113, UM08A71, PC-AB7800
Aspire OneAO532h, 8.9 Inch, 521-105Dcc, A150X weiss, AO751h-1534, P531h Pro - 10.1 Inch, ZG8 - 11.6", Happy2, D255-2520
Extensa4620Z, 7630EZ, 2304WLMi, 5220-100508, 5220-100508Mi
TravelMate2420, 290ELMi, C313XMi, 2312NWLM, 6292-602G25Mn, Timeline 8371
AsusEee PC2G Surf, 8G Linux, 8G Surf, 1000HA, S101, S101H-BLK042XA32-F9, EEEPC46, 90-NBR1B1000, 916C5110F, 1034T-003, GC02000AU00, SQU-528, ID6, NB-BAT-A8-NF51B1000
LamborghiniVX2, VX2S, VX2n
Other Model TypesM2400Ne, M5200, UL20FT, U6Ep, W3000, S1, S8000
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